Foil Shavers vs Clippers/Trimmers

Foil Shavers vs Clippers/Trimmers

It has become an American tradition for most men to wake up, pick up the razor, foil shavers, clippers, trimmers, and start shaving away. It all started from the day we saw our fathers walk out with the foam and razor. Every guy will sooner or later figure out what kind of shaving method works best for them either it’s a cartridge razor, safety razor, or a straight razor. No matter what you want to choose the best foil shavers and best clippers. Such morning traditions teach men a true lesson about taking their time, in which most will sooner or later acquire zen like patience. Of course, this is only to prevent any cuts and to ensure a smooth shave.



In today’s day and age there are more options than just simple razors when it comes to barbering. The ultimate goal is to find which best clippers and best foil shavers work with your needs. Salon BackBar advises using a foil shaver or trimmers / clippers as fast effective methods for facial hair removal. Now lets get further into depth about both barbering tools:




Clippers / Trimmers – The Best Clippers & The Best Trimmers

Are you seeking the perfect fade or buzz cut? It’s without question that clippers are one of the most used barbering tools for men. One other important fact about clippers is that it’s a very useful tool once the guards are utilized for trimming facial hair. Now for all you bearded men its understood that best clippers are the right choice for the job for the last 20 years. In essence, the best clippers & trimmers are your ideal choice for achieving really close cuts since they use thinner blades for the smoothest finish.

best clippers

What you can gain from using trimmers or clippers:

  • Great for shaping/designing sideburns, edges, and corners of the hair when seeking a new style
  • Helps avoid irritation and skin rashes since trimmers are designed to have hypoallergenic blades
  • Very fine detail when acquiring the perfect finish for beards and facial hair.
  • Helps with achieving very close cuts when using trimmers.
  • Works great when trimming long beards and very thick facial hair
  • Ability to trim various lengths of facial hair due to multiple guard attachments





Foil Shavers – The Best Foil Shavers


foil shavers
So what is a foil shaver used for and which are the best foil shavers? If you ask any professional barber who invented the first foil shaver, they’ll tell you it was Remington. Foil shavers gained its height in popularity during the 80’s and are still widely used today as a very effective barbering tool. Since foil shavers provide extremely close shaves without the usage of classic razor blades it has offered ease of use to those who are always on the go. Another great advantage to foil shavers is that they don’t require the typical shaving foam or creams since they were designed to save on dry skin. Of course, you can find the best foil shavers within the Salon BackBar online inventory.


What is a Foil Shaver used for & what you can gain:

  • Can cut multiple hair types in only one pass.
  • Portable and works best for those who are always traveling or on the go due to business.
  • Ideal precision when seeking perfect sideburns or other certain mustache styles since foil shavers have a straighter shape.
  • Most foil shavers offer 14,000 cycles per minute which allows for faster hair cutting.
  • Much closer shaves due to multiple patterns on the foil.
  • Since the foil head protects dry skin from razor cuts, it also eliminates rashes and other skin irritations.

Overall Salon BackBar recommends you always choose the professional choice when seeking foil shavers, since removing the foils can be a burden. All our foil shavers are easy to clean and require very little maintenance.


best foil shavers

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