How to Dye Black Hair into Red Hair

 STEP 1: MATCHING YOUR SKIN TONE – Salon BackBar – Mobile Beauty Supply Wholesale Los Angeles

Hey what’s up everyone this is Salon BackBar ( your beauty supply wholesale Los Angeles professionals) here again to give everyone a little insight on how to dye black hair into red hair. One of the most important steps is always to choose a dye that complements your skin tone. Since there are various types of red shades it’s best to match all the different shades to see which best compliments your skin tone, either it be a warmer/darker skin tone or a mix between the two. You can do this by using sample hair swatches to match up the best complimentary color that matches your skin tone. Many professionals would agree that anyone with blue, red, or pinkish  undertones would classify under a cooler skin tone. Any undertones that a golden, yellow, or peach color would be considered a warmer skin tone. Naturally any combinations would be considered within the neutral skin tone. Usually the choices of burgundy, maroon, or red would match better with warmer skin tones, while red woodish, bright red, or aubergine red would match a cooler skin tone respectively. Those with pale skin tones should choose lighter colors and refrain from anything dark red. Lastly the bold & bright colors compliment those with darker skin. If you would like to view more of these types of dye colors and tones don’t be shy to ask any Salon BackBar rep since we specialize in beauty supply wholesale Los Angeles as well as beauty supply wholesale Orange County.


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STEP 2: Choose a permanent dye


Overall there is really only two types of hair dye, which is temporary and permanent dye. The difference between the two is permanent dye will last longer since it lifts the hair cuticle, while temporary only adds dye to the hairs original hair color (which normally lasts for only up to a a few weeks, if not a few days). For those seeking to dye their black hair red, permanent hair dye is required for a professional styling. You can browse through our inventory to easily find these products and anytime you are seeking beauty supply wholesale Orange County.


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Step 3: Figure out your hairs current condition


Is your hair ready to be dyed? Because to ensure a professional dye job your hair has to be in the correct condition. So if your hair is previously damaged due to bleaching or previous dyes, then maybe you should understand it will not be easy to lighten previously dark dyed hair. It is not recommended to double bleach hair since it will further damage the hair. On the other hand, hair that hasn’t been dyed before ( also known as virgin hair) will respectfully display the hair dye colors much more. Lastly it is not good to lie to your hair stylist or barber about any previous work done on your hair, otherwise you may be doing yourself wrong instead of good to your hair. Most professionals will know if you are or not. Especially those who part of the beauty supply wholesale Orange County industry.



Step 4: Ensure you have all the products you need for the job


If you think you’re only gonna need one box, forget about it. Don’t leave home without the proper list. Here at Salon BackBar ( your beauty supply wholesale Los Angeles professionals) we have everything you will need for the job. If you plan to go to your favorite salon or barbershop always know that you can rely on Salon BackBar ( your beauty supply wholesale Los Angeles professionals) to be there with all the necessary products for your professional hair styling. For this kind of styling you will need plastic gloves, plastic clips, a showering cap, plastic mixing bowls, applicator brushes, and of course hair dye! There may be other items required for your styling so it’s always best to ask your stylist or barber. Also note that for those with sensitive scalps, the Ion sensitive developer is an ideal choice.



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*** For all of the rest of the steps be sure to watch the video below ***


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